Today started, as always, with math!  BK got the books out right after he finished breakfast.  Dada looked at me and said, “Uhm…maybe we should give him a little time before he starts work?  It can’t be easy to do your best work right after getting up.”  I looked at him and let him know that BK got the books out himself and started on his own and that I had no intention of stopping him!  He really likes the Fred books so I let him have at it.

History today was interesting in that “not sure what to do” way.  Today was another story from the Bible but it didn’t seem like  it was presented as a story but rather as historical fact.  I have dug high and low trying to figure out if the story of Abraham or the story of Joseph have any historical evidence and there isn’t anything.  There were some cuneiform tablets discovered in the 70’s that mentioned some names but many scholars etc have debunked them.  So today I opted to skip that part of history and to use our Usborne book instead.  BK read a couple of pages about farming in Egypt and found it interesting since he is currently quite “into” gardening.

For science we followed up with the Magic Schoolbus that the kids watched last night.  They wanted to watch an episode and last night was about Germs so today I broke out the First Human Body Encyclopedia  and had BK read the bit about germs.  Then I had him draw me some germs on construction paper (picture below).

With all that done pretty early in the day the kids had quite awhile to play, though today it was indoors since it was below zero for all of the morning.  Then during lunch time it was more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I am really loving that book and am excited to read it to them everyday.  Both kids seem to like it quite a bit too so that is a huge plus!

While BK was working on his questions for Charlie I took Little Kid in the other room and we read another of the Clifford phonics books.  I think she is starting to understand that words repeat and that there are “sight words” like the, at, is, he, etc.  I can only hope that continues to work and she keeps “getting it”.  If I could have her reading basic stuff before K next year that would be great and it would make it a lot easier for me to balance both kids if she were able to read a bit on her own.

photo (70)

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