11 Weeks

Today marks the end of our first 11 weeks of homeschooling.  I can not believe that it has gone by so quickly.  BK loves it, I love it, LK seems to enjoy it so far.  I am quite pleased.

BK covered Fred early in the AM while I showered, on his own.  He did well and told me what happened in the chapter too so it is nice to know he actually read it.

Science today was supposed to be a nature walk but the snow is too deep for LK to get through (and in the woods for BK too) so I had BK start reading this book about animal tracks to LK and that was our science for today.  We will read more of it Monday etc until it is done and then hopefully we will at least be able to identify the deer and cat tracks we have out back…maybe even some dog tracks in the snow by the sidewalk from our neighbors’ dogs.

We read chapter 7 and 8 of Charlie today and BK did well will the questions I asked today.  It was also a spelling test day and he did all right but not perfectly.  He missed both “ticket” and “bucket” because of the “ck” being together, he did just the k in both.  That is how learning happens though!

Today we didn’t have history but we did have mythology.  We read about the story of Adam and Eve and then BK drew a picture of the Garden of Eden.  The picture is below and it is rather amusing to me because he took the whole thing quite literally.  You will see what is a garden plot, like what he read about in Backyard Homestead, with a tree in the middle of that has fruit on it.  I do have to admit though, the imagery in the story was a bit lacking so I can see where he would think it looked like a basic garden plot.  BK also noted that it was “silly” that God made day and night *before* he made the sun and moon.  Both kids thought that didn’t add up so well and I can’t say that I blame them!

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 10.15.26 AM

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