The Code

Today started with math, Fred of KITTENS University.  This went well as always.

With that covered I had Big Kid read some more of the animal tracks book we are covering for science as today was yet again supposed to be an outside day and at 12 degrees and snowy it wasn’t an ideal outdoors day, though according to the weather that shouldn’t last much longer as we get ready for our annual January thaw (the cats are going to love it too!).  I then had BK draw a picture of a cat print vs a dog print and showed him on our cats why their claws don’t show up in tracks on the ground.

History today was about Hammurabi and his code/laws.  It was an interesting bit to learn about and BK and I talked about whether we thought the laws were fair or not.  BK thought it wasn’t fair that if someone stole something they either had to pay for what they stole (x10) or they were put to death.  He seemed to think being put to death was too harsh.

After this I had BK pick one of the laws to write out and to illustrate. Pictured below is his pick!

We also read more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  BK thought for SURE that Charlie would find the last ticket today but he was pretty surprised that it hasn’t happened yet! He wondered when we were done, “I wonder how he will find the ticket?”  It is nice to see him so interested in the book.  This book is also awesome because it helps me illustrate that not everyone is as lucky as my kids are so “seeing” Charlie only eating cabbage soup or half a boiled potato helps start a dialoge about how some people have a much harder time than our family does.

photo (74)

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