Mmm Warm

Today was a warmer day in the North East US.  As a result we altered our school “schedule” to take advantage of the good weather!

We started out the day outside playing, sledding, shoveling, and generally running around.  I even got to try out my new snowshoes! Once we were done playing outside (not until a little after 11am!) we did a bit of school work.

We started out reading a bit more about Hammurabi and his code/laws.

Then moved on to science which was drawing a landscape (pictured below).  I had BK label his drawing and the one that is spelled all funny is supposed to be “feeder” as in bird feeder, not a bad guess though since he hasn’t ever seen it written out before.  He did quite a good job drawing our back yard, complete with swingset.   We also did a tiny bit of science when we were outside because we had both doe and buck deer tracks on our lawn so I showed the kids the difference between the two and how we could follow them around the lawn and learn what the deer were munching on (one of our evergreen bushes and our holly bushes!).

Then we read more Charlie and finally got to the part where Charlie found the golden ticket! It was a very exciting day.

We didn’t end up doing any math today but of course we don’t need it EVERY day and outside fun in the middle of winter is more important some times!

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.43.47 PM

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