Today Big Kid wanted to start with reading his science, so who am I to stop him???  He read the next batch of pages from our track detective book and really enjoyed it.  He liked “discovering” what happened via tracks in the drawn snow.

Once that was covered we did another chapter of Life of Fred.  BK let me know that someone died in the book.  I thought that sounded crazy so I went to read it for myself (usually he reads the book to himself then I ask the questions) and sure enough, 4 people were helping with a tower and the tower fell on two people. 4-2 = 2.  Good to know.  I had read a review online that said in the later book (dogs) that it talked about animals being euthanized so I knew to expect that later, just not people death in the second book.  Luckily it isn’t a big deal here and a few people in other books we have read have died as well.

With that covered we went over the creation story of Marduk.  The first version of the story we read came with the curriculum I bought from Build Your Library.  The story was good enough but it wasn’t terribly long or in depth.  BK seemed to “get” it but I knew we also had In the Beginning  which is filled with creation myths from different parts of the world, so I checked for that story and sure enough, it was there!  I read that to both kids and they were very interested and it held their attention quite well, plus there were some pictures which they always enjoy.  It was a much more in depth version of the story and was a great way to explain to them how different the same story can be depending on who tells it.

We managed to finish all of that before 10 this morning!  I was rather impressed at how quickly it went!  It was warm again so I had the kids play outside for a good portion of the morning.

During lunch it was time to read more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  BK was excited that there were no questions today.  Instead I had him draw a picture of Willy Wonka the way he is described in the book.  Overall BK did a pretty good job given the information that was available and the fact that he isn’t really beyond drawing stick figures yet (giggle).  Pictured below is 6 year old BK’s version of Mr. Willy Wonka complete with purple coat, green pants, and “sparkling” eyes!

photo (76)

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2 Responses to Marduk

  1. Emily says:

    Do you think that In the Beginning would work as a replacement for the World Mythology book that comes with the curriculum? I tried to find a good world mythology book but nothing seemed to fit my criteria. I remember coming across In the Beginning but saw it was geared more towards middle grade level, so I didn’t even look at it. However, I’m open to finding a replacement for the mythology if I can find a book that works. Thanks. 🙂

    • I think it would be good to use in conjunction with World Mythology. The stories are slightly different (and World Mythology has some stories that aren’t in In the Beginning) but that is what I like about it. They key thing with most mythology is that it is a story that has been told many times over and therefore is slightly different each time. I think this is a *great* teaching point personally. I can see where it wouldn’t be great for some kids that need “solid” information but I really enjoy using the two pieces together.

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