Mellow Day

Today started with Life of Fred Butterflies.  Nothing too crazy though Big Kid *did* state his preference that we move on to Singapore again soon.  We just finished chapter 16 so there are only a couple more chapters in the book and we should be back to “1B”, as BK calls it, in the middle of next week.  Alternating texts for math seems to be a really good idea so far.

Then it was time to read for science.  BK finished up the tracks book and then drew a picture of a deer track for me.  We also went out to really look at all the deer tracks out side.  There are a TON of them all over our lawn and in the woods just behind our house.

With that covered we read about Shamshi-Adad, the ruler of a city called Assur. It was a quite couple pages of reading and was over with quickly.

After that the kids went outside to play for two hours straight.  It is warm again so they were having a blast out there plus it helps get rid of extra energy so they behave a bit better for the rest of the day.

Once it was time to come in and eat lunch we read more of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Today was the chapter about the chocolate room.  I am surprised how far we have already come in the book, we are just about halfway through it already.  I love the way it is written and even BK had his jaw dropped in amazement when it was relieved that the river in the chocolate room was MADE of chocolate.  He thought that was AWESOME.

photo (78)

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