End of the Week

For whatever reason it feels like this week has gone on forever and I haven’t gotten a break.  I am not quite sure why but it feels that way!  I am glad tomorrow is the weekend and am considering a few days off next week, we will see how everyone is doing on Monday.  I feel like we might be edging toward burning out a little but maybe that will change over the weekend.

Today started with math.  Life of Fred and Big Kid also wanted to add the calories from his breakfast.  I count calories but the kids have no idea about that so it must be something he got from television or a movie.  It doesn’t bother me at all plus he was adding numbers like 120 and 30 etc in his head so I am totally okay with that.

Once math was done we did a little history activity of a venn diagram between Hammurabi and Shamashi-Adad.  BK has seen this type of diagram before but never with such and “intense” topic.  Pictured below is his diagram.  Some of the spelling is off but you can get the general idea!

With that done we covered science.  Today we started Animals in Winter .  It is another short little science book that focuses on his time of the year here in the North East.  BK seemed to really enjoy it too.

We read more Charlie during lunch time.  Today we “met” the Oompa Loopmas and learned why they are living in the factory vs where they used to live.  I didn’t have BK do any questions but I had him write three sentences about what we read today.  This was more of a challenge for him than the questions because he didn’t have any real prompt to start with.  I can’t wait to read about Augustus Gloop on Monday! The kids are going to think that is crazy!

photo (79)

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