So I decided to sign up for a trail of Time4Learning.  I am not sure what I think of it so far but Big Kid seemed to enjoy at least the math section.

The language arts section isn’t worth his time right now.  He is such an advanced reader that even on grade level 2 he was bored out of his mind with some of the LA activities.  He really enjoyed the math and science bits today though.  It could never be a full time curriculum for us because it doesn’t feel complete enough but we will see how it goes for our 2 week trial.

In addition to this we learned about people from India using the Indus river to trade with people from Mesopotamia instead of going over the land and how using boats was a lot easier than going over the land and mountains.  We also used our big map that we got for Christmas to show where all the big rivers were as well as the Arabian Sea which was used for part of the trip.

Math was covered in Time4Learning.  He worked on ordinal numbers and a few other little things that were just review.  I might have him do some Fred tomorrow AM before he does T4L only because the stories are a lot of fun.

Science was two different things today.  First he covered living vs non-living things that live in the ocean via T4L and then when that was done I had him read more from our Animals in Winter book.  I had him read it out loud as well so that Little Kid could listen and learn as well.  Then I had BK draw me a picture of a Pika which he learned today is a rabbit-like animal.  His picture is below!

We also read more about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Today we read about Augustus Gloop being sucked up a pipe!

All of this was still done by 10:30 and they went outside to play in the last day of the annual January thaw!


Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 10.49.18 AM

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