Can I do Three???

This morning I had Big Kid start on Time4Learning while I took care of my shower.  It works really well during this time and lets him have something be considers fun to do while I take care of what I need to do in the AM.  In the middle of my shower today BK came running into the bathroom and shouted at me, “Can I do THREE math things???”  He *wanted* to do more math.  I found that impressive.  I was quite pleased and responded that he of course could do a third math game.

I also moved the language arts section from 2nd (I knew he was beyond 1st) to 3rd grade.  This seems to have helped the “boring” but that he was dealing with and he was interested enough to do two of the games about synonyms this morning.  He was pleased with it and did relatively well.

After math was done we covered science.  Again I had him read it out loud to Little Kid so she could learn and so he could practice reading out loud.  When that was done I had him draw me a picture of one of the three animals that were covered.  He picked a mouse and his picture is posted below.

We also read more Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  It is such a fun book.  I haven’t enjoyed a kids book like this since Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  I also had BK write the answers to his questions on regular college lined paper vs his 5/8″ paper to see if it helped his handwriting and it really did!  I am happy to see it kept his writing a little more in form.  It makes sense of course since with more space there are longer letter lines leaving more space to wiggle a straight line etc.  I will have to see if that holds true for the next few days!

photo (83)

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