Story Cubes

Our day was all mish-mashed around since this morning we had piano lessons.  Normally we do lessons in the afternoon on Monday’s but Sunday night both kids had minor fevers so I left it up to the lesson teacher.  He decided to wait and see how they were doing and since the recovered and were fine, he came today.  This meant that we had to move things around since from 10am-11am was now taken up.

What this meant to start with is that Big Kid did some math on Time4Learning and it went fine.  He took an “end of chapter” test and scored a 92, so not too shabby.

Once that was done I sent the kids outside to clean up their toys since it was snowing and I didn’t want to risk losing them all for the rest of the season, which has happened in previous years.

When they got in we talked about the mystery of the disappearing citadels along the Indus River near India.  It is very interesting to me only because I didn’t know this happened.  I knew something similar happened with a few towns during the colonization of the US but not that it happened in ancient times as well.

We got that far before 10am so then it was time for piano.

When piano was done I had BK read the last bit of our Animals in Winter book out loud for himself and his sister.  Nothing too crazy but it finished up the book and covered a little bit of science.

After that they got time to goof off until lunch and during lunch we read about everlasting gobstoppers and hair toffee in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

I didn’t make questions for BK today, instead we used our new story cubes.  They were pretty neat!  Aaron rolled this dice (his roll pictured below) and then made up a story using those pictures.  His story was all about a group of kids that did a bunch of stuff together like climbing trees etc.  I had him write it out by hand so he could work on his handwriting and he didn’t complain even once…because he was writing down his story!

photo (84)

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