Today started with more math! I had Big Kid work on fractions in Time4Learning.  He finished the entire fractions section from start to end and the test.  He did quite well especially since I hadn’t ever really talked about fractions before except for a tiny bit while baking.  T4L went over equal fractions, thirds, halves, and quarters.  Not too bad for 1st grade.

After math the kids went outside because outside is a big part of our day and it was supposed to drop from 32 this morning through to below zero as the day went on so I wanted them outside early while it was warmer!

With outside done they came in and we went over some history.  We learned more from our Usborne book about the Indus Valley and what life was like for the people there.

Then it was time for Charlie before BK went to music class at the local public school.  Today we learned what happens when Violet eats gum that Mr. Wonka says isn’t ready to eat yet!  Below is BK’s picture of that! She turned into a blueberry!

We also covered some work with antonyms on T4L as well.  BK did quite well with that too.

In all it was a good day and we had fun!

Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 4.33.42 PM

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