Today is a nice sunny day.  It always seems to help everyone’s mood when it is bright and sunny like today, even though it is super cold out!

Big Kid started on Time4Learning today with math.  He did three exercises/games and the quiz and did well.  Today was the beginning of learning about operations.  He already has gone over this but it is nice to reinforce it another way and games are a great option.

After math we did a history activity where we took a picture of a mask that was used for ceremonies in the Indus Valley and had BK color it.  It wasn’t exactly labor intensive but it was a fun activity to tie things together and keep him interested.

Science was funny only because I didn’t tell BK it was time for science.  I opened the book, left it on the table, and forgot about it for a few minutes while I did other things.  The kids had been running around being “cars” while I was taking care of stuff.  All of a sudden I looked up and found BK sitting at the kitchen table reading his science for the day (about burrowing insects like the trapdoor spider etc).  I didn’t have to ask him to do it at all, just left it there.  It is nice to know he is so into learning that he will just take care of things like that on his own even though he is only 6.

Charlie today was read during lunch as always.  It is also a good example of why I like Build Your Library so much.  The curriculum is complete on it’s own (other than math) but there is also a lot of flexibility to move things around or add things in if needed/wanted.  Normally I have BK write answers to questions or draw a picture of something that happened in the book.  This week I read from Word Fun about nouns so I decided to put that into play with Charlie today.  Posted below is the piece of paper I gave BK when we were done our reading for the day. Worth noting, he started with the plural nouns at which point I reminded him to work on his handwriting so the writing for the singular nouns is best out of the bunch for that reason.  I had him list out five singular nouns, five plural nouns, and four proper nouns using the reading we had just done.  It was a good way to make sure he is “getting” what we are talking about.

Of course I didn’t *have* to go over that in first grade but the way the curriculum is set up, it was super easy to add it in.

photo (85)

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