Yellow River Valley

Today we started to briefly discuss the Chinese people that lived between the Yangzee River and the Yellow River.  We learned the myth of how silk was first discovered when a silkworm cocoon fell into a Emprises’ hot tea.

Big Kid also covered a bunch of math on Time4Learning.  He did well which I expected, it was still mostly review at this point so he covered quite a few “sections” today.  Things will likely slow down there shortly.

We also read more from Charlie today and learned what happened when Veruca went into the Nut Room like she wasn’t supposed to!  We loved the song the Oompa-Loompas sung once her parents had gone down the chute with her.

Today we also started a new science section.  We were supposed to start something that required digging and going in the woods a lot so with the weather in New England still being difficult at best I “skipped” ahead in our curriculum to a section that is based on the book The Tarantula in my Purse where we learn about different animals each day.  I also marked off where we stopped with science so that when spring comes we can bounce back into the section about the woods.  I love that it is so easily flexible and this is part of the reason I am glad I bought the Build Your Library curriculum. We didn’t cover much of the actual science bit today but we read the beginning of the book that talked about why the author wrote the book to begin with.

Overall it was a good day!  Now BK is in the other room with his piano teacher learning more about music!

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 3.02.39 PM


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