Glass Elevator

Today was another day stuck indoors!  It was CHILLY again.  We made it over 0 today but it was windy so we stayed in with the heat on and with tea/hot cocoa!

This morning BK did some more work in Time4Learning.  He only did a couple of exercises today because the explanation video was LONG.  It took a long time for the computer to explain adding 3 different numbers, not awesome really, but he did it and it got done!

Science was a couple chapters from the tarantula book.  I was rather proud of BK because he really didn’t want to read it on his own liked I had asked him to, but he did and he did it well.  It was a pretty long section of reading but he trucked right through and in the end he really enjoyed it!  This section was about a wild owl that was being rehabbed in the author’s house.  It was pretty interesting.

History was about what life would have been like for a young boy in ancient China.  We read about how a young boy would go to the rice fields and help weed while his father worked on planting more rice.  We were supposed to watch a documentary as well but I didn’t notice that until too late and it isn’t available on instantwatch so we might get to that a little later.  The reviews on Amazon made it sound pretty awful though so I am not sure! I haven’t decided yet.

Today was ALMOST the end of Charlie.  The kids are insanely excited about watching the movie tomorrow afternoon.  I am pretty excited too because I haven’t seen it in awhile and because I want to see how the kids react.  LK gets pretty scared sometimes so I wonder how she will handle it.  The plus side is since we read the book she knows nothing “bad” happens, hopefully that helps!

Below is a picture of what BK thought it would have looked like when Charlie, Grandpa Joe, and Mr Wonka were in the great glass elevator above the chocolate factory!

photo (91)

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