My Favorite Part

Today we moved things around a little bit.  The new book we are reading as our main literature book has a lot of pictures.  For this reason I am having BK read it to himself so he can look at all the neat stuff himself.  The book we are reading now is The Egyptian Diary and BK seems to be enjoying it.  He read that to himself this morning after he finished his Time4Learning math.  T4L today meant working on double digit addition.  He also, later in the AM, worked more on suffixes in the language arts section on that site.

History today meant learning that people lived in Ancient Africa as well and that what is now the Sahara Desert was once an awesome grassland like other parts of Africa were. We looked at pictures online comparing what it looks like now to what the grasslands look like.

Science I read to the kids during lunch time (since the Diary happens earlier in the day).  Today covered chapter 3 of Tarantula in my Purse.  We learned about what happened when the author and her kids took in a bunch of orphaned wood ducks.

My favorite part of the day though, my favorite part of homeschooling, is the amount of outside time we can do.  Every morning, as long as the weather cooperates, the kids get at LEAST an hour of outside recess/ PE time.  Today was no different.  Below is a picture of them playing on the swingset out back this morning.  As I type this they are outside again playing in the fresh snow.

photo (94)

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