For some reason or another, last night I barely slept.  I think I totaled about 2 or 3 hours tops.  As a result today I was DRAGGING.  I could have “called off” school but decided to keep it going and just take a very hands-off approach today instead.

First BK finished Life of Fred Butterflies.  That was a pretty big deal.  He did the last section of practice at the end and got all the answers right pretty quickly.  At first he whined about having to do “all the problems” then I had him ask me whatever single digit addition problems he wanted to.  He was impressed with my ability to just spout off the answer without thinking or counting and asked why…to which I replied “lots of practice”.  So then he just buckled down and did the work, which of course was done quickly once he decided to do it.

He also read more of the Egyptian Diary book and answered four more questions.  He seemed to think that was SUPER easy today so I was happy with that.  Admittedly this book is pretty simple and it has a lot of neat pictures so he likes it.  I like it because it gives me a “break” and is something he can read entirely on his own without getting overwhelmed.

Science was another sky sample.  Very simple and very quick.

History was 2 pages in the Usborne book about ancient Africa.  It showed cave paintings, what they used for fuel in their fires, and BK was rather interested in the bellows that they used to keep the fire going/start it.

We also got spelling words up today (a day late).  LK really wanted to be included in spelling words so I am taking this time to work on her sight words and some other basic words.  Pictured below is our spelling lists for the week!  All of BK’s words are taken from the book he is reading.

photo (95)

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