We started today off with a review section of Singapore Math 1B.  I am not really enjoying Time4Learning and while BK is, he doesn’t seem to be LEARNING a whole lot, math-wise, from it.  He is learning plenty with language arts from it, but  not math. For $20 a month I am not sure we will keep up with that.  The science section is very lacking, there is no social studies section at this grade level…and he is working on the 3rd grade level for language arts, so I am pretty sure we are all done.  I haven’t cancelled it yet only because we have until the 13th before we are charged again.

Singapore went well and he remembered all we had covered so far.  We are about 1/2 way through the 1B workbook, so not too bad.  I don’t think we will finish it before the “school year” is out but that isn’t a big deal since we started it late etc.

Reading was more from the diary.  Today was a challenge because BK is/was tired and cranky.  He didn’t want to read it, didn’t want to answer questions, etc.  Eventually he DID do it but it took awhile to get him there.  He learned about scorpions from it as well because the main character’s friend gets stung by one and he had a ton of questions, so we made quick work of google and he got to learn that there are over 1,400 kinds of scorpions. He was also pleased to know that there aren’t any scorpions where we live.

Science was a to look out the window and make a list of man-made objects and a list of nature-made objects.  Since we live right near the woods it was a pretty easy task for BK but it was another reinforcement of learning to classify things.

In history we learned the story of Anansi and Turtle.  We also learned that even Mama has to slowly sound things out sometimes, especially names from other cultures.  The kids thought the story was pretty funny, I don’t blame them either!

Outside time today was vital since it was very warm out (for mid-winter on the East Coast).  Play time is just as vital to kids as learning how to read and learning to add.  Today the kids had a problem.  They wanted to collect water for their “gardens” but all the water was in puddles or in the snow.  Below is how they fixed that problem.  Melting snow, over a bench with holes, and with sleds underneath to catch the snow.  Learning how to fix real life “problems” is just as important as arithmetic!


photo (96)

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