Quick Day

Today BK was tired again after another poor night of sleep.  I was pretty tired myself so we took it “easy” today.  We still covered all the material we were “supposed to” but didn’t do any drawings/questions.

Math was a few exercises in Singapore. He is starting on basic division now which is pretty neat.  He enjoyed it and did well at it.

In history we read another story about Anansi the spider. In this story he kept thinking there would be better food if he kept up his journey and ended up back at his own village with no food at all.   The moral of the story is to be happy with (and eat) what you have because you might end up with nothing. It was a pretty neat moral in my opinion.

Science was more Tarantula in my Purse.  The chapter today was about a goose and a mallard duck that followed around the family.  I am not a huge fan of that book I am afraid.  It is fine but it doesn’t “flow” well and when I am reading it I find myself having to repeat what I read (both to myself and the kids).  It also uses quite a few large words that aren’t there for any reason other than to look fancy. I find that rather annoying.

BK also read a few more entries in the Egyptian diary book.  He liked it and thought it was neat.  He is a huge fan of the pictures.

Also, we stopped using the Random House book of poems for kids because I didn’t want to focus too much on memorizing poems just yet (we still do once in awhile but not too often) but BK has been taking that up to his room during rest time and reading it anyway.  He is a fan.  He also likes Light in the Attic which he found on our bookshelf, it has been there for ages but I guess he just “discovered” it.

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