Another Day Down

Today started with some Singapore Math.  The lesson today was a little bit more on division and a tiny bit about fractions.  Nothing too crazy but he got it done and got it done well.

Science today was more about the sky.  BK had to look outside and answer a series of questions about the sky and what he could tell about the weather based on the sky.  He was supposed to answer how high the sun was etc too but it was too cloudy to see the sun.

Both kids also watched one episode of Nature’s Most Amazing Events and will likely watch another one tonight.  Last night was an episode about melting snow in the Arctic and tonight is about the great salmon run.

Reading today was more from the Egyptian Diary.  In the book there was a picture of one of the characters with a spear near a hippo.  BK asked why so I told him to read the book…he did so and was excited to see what the hippo was being hunted because it was ruining crops.  Picture below is what BK drew when I told him to draw me a picture of him hunting a hippo.  The river is yellow because he said it was the Yellow River.  Once the picture was done we talked about WHERE the  Yellow River was and why Nakt wouldn’t have seen it in Egypt.

photo (98)

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