Pot Holders!

For some reason or another the kids were both very slow to eat breakfast this morning so I ended up reading two things to them while they ate.  The first was another Anansi story that I found in the book What Your 1st Grader Needs to Know.  It was a neat little story about how all the stories in the world came to belong to Anansi.

The second thing I read him was from Story of the World for our history today.  We learned about a pharaoh that wanted to (and eventually did) invade and conquer Nubia.  It wasn’t terribly detailed but it got the idea across.

With those things done Big Kid was done eating but Little Kid wasn’t.  She can take forever to eat sometimes. So while he waited for LK to finish eating, BK read part of the next Life of Fred book, Cats.  I am going to try alternating Fred and Singapore and see how that goes.  I have decided I am not a fan of Time4Learning so I will be canceling that shortly.  It is okay but I don’t feel like BK absorbs as much and I would like to use less computer time rather than more since we are also going to be adding in typing skills soon.

With that all out of the way BK read the next chunk of Egyptian Diary.  He seems to enjoy it and he likes that it is a story he can read on his own.  I decided to not to questions today and instead have BK do the copy work from the curriculum instead. It is pictured below on normal college lined paper.  His handwriting seems to have improved quite a bit recently.

By the time all that was done it was only just after 10am so I decided we would finally try the weaving looms that the kids got for Christmas.  It seems both sets of grandparents had the same idea so we got two of them, which was awesome because both kids could work on one at a time.  I ended up doing most of LK’s because she just didn’t have the dexterity to use it yet, but she picked the colors.  BK did all of his on his own though I had to show him how to crochet the edges quite a few times before he “got” it.  Below is a picture of the mess that was our kitchen table while that was all going on.

During lunch I read them science.  It was another chapter from Tarantula in my Purse.  Again, I still don’t like that book very much and it is written very poorly (in my humble opinion) but we will truck through it and get it read.  There is good information in it, it just isn’t very “fun”.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 3.37.49 PM

photo (99)

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