Today we covered some fractions in our Singapore books.  BK said to me, “Mama this is TOO EASY.  I already KNOW quarters and halves.”  I guess the plus side to that was it went quickly!

History today was more about Egypt after the Amenemhet dynasty ended.

Reading was more of BK reading to himself from Egyptian Diary.  He is still confused about whether the main character is a male or a female.  I have told him a couple of times that it is a male but it is hard to tell with names you aren’t used to (especially for a 6 year old).  He does like the story though so that is good.

Science was learning about different kinds of clouds.  Just a few pages to read and look at, but he likes it.  He told me he is going to be a weather person when he gets big.  I also asked him to tell me, based on the book, what kind of clouds were outside.  He grabbed the book, looked up at the sky, looked puzzled for a minute…then looked back at me with a BIG grin.  There weren’t any clouds at all, just blue sky.  He caught on to my trick question.

In all it was a pretty quick day!

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