Okay so not a REAL one.  We did have one a few years ago though.  It was living under our shed out back.

Today’s science was reading about Groundhog Day.  It was a few days late, but close enough!  BK found it funny and he drew a picture (posted below) of a groundhog seeing it’s shadow.  He made sure to point out to me that the shadow doesn’t have eyes because a shadow wouldn’t have those.  It is nice to see him thinking those things through.

I also read Egyptian Diary to the kids during breakfast.  I am glad it is almost over.  It isn’t a “bad” book but it isn’t very exciting either.  BK doesn’t agree with me, he likes it a lot, but I am more excited to start Poppy next week.

Math today was another chapter of Life of Fred.  He still really likes those books so that is awesome.  Alternating Singapore and Fred seems to be working.

In history we read a little bit more about what it was like in Egyptian life.  We learned how the people would visit the pharaoh to pay “taxes” and what those payments would be made with (gold etc).

We also got over 2 hours of outside time today which was awesome.  It made for much more mellow kids in the afternoon.  Tomorrow is supposed to be cold too so it is nice to get out while we can!

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 4.56.34 PM

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