Messy Day

We started the day here by reading the last pages of Egyptian Diary.  We were supposed to finish it tomorrow but there were only 6 pages of text so I just went ahead and read them all anyway!  It was a decent book.  I found it boring but it was quite informative.

After that it was time for math.  BK did a few pages from Singapore about telling time, which he is already a master of.  He loves it though so he was more than happy to practice time some more.

History was a few more pages from the Usborne book about Egypt and what life was like there.

For science it was time to read another chapter from Tarantula in my Purse.  Today’s chapter was about a crow that could speak.  The kids thought it would be HILARIOUS if a crow landed on their picnic table and said “hello,” like the crow in the book did.

This morning I also found out we had a LITTLE bit of whipped cream left.  I decided it would be fun to use it for the kids to practice handwriting in and the bonus was that they could eat it.  The downside was the MESS it made as it “melted”.  It was impressive.  The kids had a blast though so that is what really mattered!

photo (100)

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