Three Day Weekend

You may have noticed I was totally absent on Friday, or maybe you didn’t, that is okay too. 😉  I decided that we would take a snow day and have a three day weekend since we really haven’t had much of a break in over 16 weeks of homeschooling.  We took a couple of days near Christmas but that was pretty much it other than weekends.

That said, our weekend didn’t come without learning.  Friday the kids had a lot of play time and Big Kid had a pretend cut so he fashioned himself a pretend band aid, pictured below.  I was pretty impressed with the construction. The sticky part was the sticker to a wipes container and then he put on two pieces of construction paper so that it wouldn’t stick to his “cut”.  Not too bad for a 6 year old, in my opinion.

Yesterday BK was pretty sick with a high fever and generally feeling yucky so we watched a bit of TV.  Given that it was Sunday there wasn’t a lot that was decent to watch but we found an episode of Chopped on FoodNetwork that they really enjoyed seeing.  They like cooking shows just like Mama does it seems.  When that was done we found an episode of Survivorman and BK found that extremely interesting.  He also told me he wanted to go kill a squirrel to have for dinner.  I let him know that isn’t really how it works when we have a grocery store just down the road and the money to purchase proper food.

Today I started with reading history to the kids while they ate breakfast.  It took them forever since BK is still a bit sick so I made use of the time as best as possible.  We learned about Thutmose I and Hapshepsut.  BK found this reading very interesting since we learned about Hapshepsut in both Egyptian Diary last week when the main character meets her at the very end and in one of the documentaries we watched about ancient Egypt.

Math was another chapter of Life of Fred. We still love the silly stories and the funny characters that the books have to offer.

Science today was another chapter of Tarantula in my Purse.  The kids are pretty interested in the book and it is growing on me, even though I find the writing a bit clunky still.  I had BK draw me a picture of one of the scenes in the chapter where a crow was teasing a dog so that is pictured below.  The book also gave us a chance to learn what divorce meant.  In this chapter it is mentioned that the author divorced her husband and as soon as I said the word BK asked what it meant, so I explained it to him.  I find it fun that we learn things during science that have nothing to do with science all, and the same with all the other big areas as well.

Today we started Poppy.  I can already tell we are all going to love this book.  The characters are bright and funny, there is sure to be much adventure, and we will learn a lot about nature as well.  The chapter started off with a death (owl kills a mouse) and while some would find this upsetting for a 1st grade topic it isn’t a problem here at all.  Despereaux had a bit about death in it as well and it wasn’t an issue then either.  The reality is that owls eat mice.  It is nature, it happens.  I find it better to talk about it than to hide it from them, plus they have seen it on Planet Earth many times before anyway.

BK wants to watch more Survivorman today and I found out there are three seasons on Netflix instantwatch so we will be watching an episode of that this afternoon after rest time is over!




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