Wow, I am Late

I am super late today!  It seems time got away from me which happens more often than I care to admit.

Today I read the kids from the mythology section of our curriculum during breakfast.  The story today was about Set’s last battle and how Horus came back to overcome Set and become pharaoh.  The kids found it interesting as Big Kid is seeming to “get” the battle stuff now, which he didn’t really before.

Math was a few pages of Singapore and then a bit of practice telling time on Khan Academy. Nothing too crazy but the extra practice is good for him plus he gets to use the computer which is rather fond of.  Khan is awesome too because it is free.  I like free.

In science we learned about (briefly) why the sky is blue during the day and black at night.  We also learned about prisms in order to go over that material.  In addition to the Nature Connection book we used I got out The Magic of Reality by Dawkins to show the the kids another “take” on it so to speak.  It is the same information of course, just presented a different way.  I had BK draw a picture of a prism getting white light and then splitting the light into different colors on the other side.  It is pictured below.  He did pretty well overall but ran out of room in the prism for the last few colors so they took a short cut 😉

For reading we had chapter two of Poppy.  It is going to be a fun story and the kids are already very interested.  We discussed that it seems like the great horned owl in the book is being very sneaky and sly and we aren’t so sure that we like him.

In the afternoon we also watched an episode of Survivorman.  We didn’t watch one yesterday and BK *really* wanted to see one today, so we watched Les survive for 7 days in the desert of Arizona.

photo (4)

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One Response to Wow, I am Late

  1. barbara says:

    Thank you for mentioning Khan Academy. I was trying to remember the name of that site this weekend. Time to put it in my favorites. We are just finishing up Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I am hoping that “A” likes Despereuax so we can begin the Build your Library Curriculum more or less at its start. Already slowly reading The Story of the World. I also bought the accompanying workbook with that just as an extra. Yes I love buying way to much curriculum/workbooks. Already looking for grade 1(for reading) grade 2 for most everything else curriculum for fall.

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