My stupid internet went out at around noon today so I am late posting, again.

Today started out with some math via Fred.  I had Big Kid read it aloud to me so that I could hear him reading it and so that I could be sure that he was “getting” the words, plus it is good practice to read aloud.  I never did when I was younger and it took me forever to adjust to it when my kids were little.  It felt very odd.

After math it was time for history.  BK read from the Usborne book, a bit more about Egypt.  I love the drawings that the book has. I am rather fond of it.

Science was reading a bit about winter and what it means to be a person or an animal in the winter time.  BK had to write down answers to a few questions about how people and animals adapt to the cold.   It was pretty simple stuff but it was good handwriting practice and “got him out of ” questions for reading time.

While I was making lunch Little Kid wanted me to read her a story.  Instead I “tricked” her into reading it herself! She read all of “Sun Sets” from the Bob books on her own.  I was rather impressed and she was very pleased with herself.

Reading was another chapter from Poppy.  It is SUCH a fun book.  I am also pleased that the main character, though she is a mouse, is a female.  There never seem to be many girls in leading adventure roles so it is nice to be reading one.  For the reading activity I had BK draw me a picture of Mr Ocax almost catching Poppy.  I added it below.  I am rather impressed with this drawing.  It is still not master artist of course but it is pretty good and he really invested some time and thought into it.

photo (11)

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