Difficult Question

We started today with history! Today was interesting because we learned about two other pharaohs from Egypt.  The first was one that took the culture from polytheism to monotheism and it didn’t go over well.  The kids found this strange since the pharaoh started out worshipping the normal gods of the culture but then decided to change his mind and decides to worship a single god and then made everyone else follow his beliefs. I found it interesting because I was left wondering if this material would even be covered in public school given it’s basis in religion and how little schools want to include religion in day to day activities.   We also read about King Tut and learned all about the treasure he was found with.

I had BK read to himself for the chapter of Tarantula that was today’s science.  I was going to read it myself but my throat was super sore from the plague that the three of us had so I opted out.  I knew I still had to read Poppy and I had already read history so I decided it was his turn.

Reading was another chapter of Poppy.  I love it.  The kids love it.  It is an awesome book.

For art the kids decided they wanted to make Valentine’s Day cards for a few people so that was a lovely glittery mess.

BK also had music class today so that got taken care of.

Math was another chapter of Singapore.  It is a great book but some of the drawings/diagrams are a bit difficult to figure out, especially for a 6 year old.  I included a picture below from the other day.  Today there was a similar one in the review section.  In the picture you can see that the 2ish o’clock one is clearly PM and the 11 o’clock one was clearly AM….but the 5:30 was a bit difficult as BK stated it can be light at 5:30am OR 5:30pm depending on where you are and what time of year it is (clearly summer by the pictures).  This would of course change the order of the pictures and the times etc.  Example: they could have gotten to the park at 11am and left at 5:30pm *or* they could have gotten to the park at 5:30am and left at 2ish.  It took me a few minutes of staring at the pictures to figure out what was the “right” answer so I know it probably confused BK quite a bit.  Not a BIG deal of course, just worth mentioning.

photo (12)

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