Still Sick


I am still sick with the plague.  This overall isn’t a huge deal other than it hurts to read aloud for too long.

I was going to start the day with history as we have been lately but the book was presenting more religious stuff as fact.  Moses talking to God and things of that nature which isn’t something I present as fact since we are a non-religious family.  We ended up skipping that.

What we DID do however was watch a few videos of the meteorite that hit Russia.  The kids were AMAZED by it and a little concerned as well.  I mentioned that it doesn’t happen too often and even when it does, it doesn’t generally do a lot of damage.  However we also talked about how that is one of the theories about what might have happened to the dinosaurs.  I found a few pages in the Usborne book that talked about reasons why the dinosaurs might have died out so that ended up being our history and our science today.  It was a lot of fun to read about.

Math was another chapter in Fred, today was a bit about right angles and then some review of other things we have learned through the course of the books.

Reading was another chapter in Poppy.  Little Kid is sad that we aren’t reading it tomorrow since it is the weekend.  Silly girl.

Yesterday I got LK a new present that she got to use today for the first time.  They are little 3 and 4 piece puzzles with letters to spell out basic words.  I pictured them below, well them in a pile while LK works on them.  She is a HUGE fan of puzzles and I figured it was a good way to get her more used to reading/spelling too.

photo (13)

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