New History Book

This morning started late since Dada didn’t have work today due to President’s Day.  We started off with math which was a couple of pages from Singapore.  Big Kid did an awesome job with it and got it done correctly and quickly.

Once that was done we started a new book for history,  The 5,000 Year Old Puzzle.  BK seemed to like it and it looks like a pretty awesome book.  It was a little funny though because BK was looking at a few different languages that are represented in the book and told me he was having trouble reading one of them and pointed it out to me.  It was Arabic.  I laughed and told him I didn’t expect him to be able to read that and I couldn’t either, it was fine, just read the English parts.

Science was another chapter of Tarantula in my Purse.  It was a silly chapter about a crow that liked to run away with milk money and hide it in a rainspout…in a bank.  It seems crows can be pretty intelligent sometimes and while the story seems a bit like coincidence, it is always possible it isn’t.  I had BK draw me a picture of what it might have looked like to have a crow do that and he seemed to enjoy the task.

Reading/handwriting was another chapter of Poppy followed by questions.  That went well and we discussed owl pellets in depth for the first time since Poppy found Ragweed’s earring in one of Mr. Ocax’s pellets.  The next task is to FIND an owl pellet so we can dissect it.  There is a place online that you can do it with a virtual pellet but I would like to get hold of a real one.

This afternoon we watched another episode of Survivorman.  We learned that bull moose are boys and cow moose are girls and the same thing about deer with buck and doe.  They really enjoy that TV show and so do I so it is nice to be able to share it with them all while learning things too!

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 6.14.17 PM

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3 Responses to New History Book

  1. Barbara says:

    For an owl pellet try calling shelburne farms. I know they sometimes have someone from an owl sanctuary in to show different types of owls. They brought one into “a” s preschool adventures class (which is an amazing program by the way).

  2. Barbara says:

    Or the echo center too. : )

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