Today was a pretty decent day.  The kids got a ton of outside time as it was relatively warm.  Big Kid ran around in the woods pretending to be Survivorman, he had even found a “shelter” to live in which is pictured below.  He was collecting firewood and trying to start fire.  Luckily he is far away from being able to actually accomplish that though I did promise them that this summer I would help them try a few different methods while near a water source.

We had math with Fred this morning.  BK did this pretty much completely on his own (I checked it after) because I was taking care of a few home repairs.  He breezed right through it with no issues.

History was another batch of pages from the 5,000 Year Old Mystery.  BK seems to enjoy the book and there are a lot of great pictures.

Science was supposed to be more of the weather chart but BK finds that a little less than engaging so he read some more from Backyard Homestead about framing raised bed gardens.  Learning about gardening is something he enjoys and it has a lot of use in the long run so I am more than happy to encourage it.  What I love about this curriculum is that it is so flexible and that every day is something a little different.  Sure the weather chart has happened a few other times, but tomorrow isn’t about that, it is something else so we keep moving forward instead of stagnating.

For reading we read two more chapters of Poppy.  The kids sat totally silent (minus a few quick questions about what words meant) for the rather lengthy reading.  It is a very engaging and fun book and I am loving it just as much as they are.

Tomorrow may be a strange day.  I will have to wait and see how it plays out.  BK has a long rehearsal for a musical with the public school and then the actual performance tomorrow night.  We might not have a normal full day tomorrow, I will have to see when it gets here!

photo (18)


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