Back to Normal

I didn’t post yesterday because by the time I had gotten the kids to bed, done my workout (yes I fit exercise into my daily routine, I will blog about that at another date!), and eaten dinner it was already after 9pm.  We also took yesterday off because it was a busy day and  I didn’t want to complicate it more by trying to fit in school.  Ahhh flexibility.

Yesterday was busy because Big Kid had a musical at the local school.  He has been attending music class there once a week since we started homeschooling and yesterday was the big show.  This meant that I had to have him at the school by 11:50am to go for dress rehearsal until 2pm, which meant that I had to have lunch ready and being eaten by 11am (early!) so he could be fed, dressed, and teeth brushed etc in time to leave.  Then I had to have dinner ready and eaten by 5pm so we could be at the school at 6pm for a 6:30 show.  We didn’t get home until about 8pm after waiting for the crowd and to get out of the parking lot etc.  It was a busy day!

The one slightly “school related” thing we did manage to do was plant the fly trap that we ordered from Rainbow Resource.  I ordered three different plants from there and we will plant the others shortly.  There is a photo of them below!  The kids are excited to see it grow but pouting that it can take 1-3 months for it to sprout.

Today started with a very tired BK.  He didn’t even leave his room until 8am and when he did, he wasn’t dressed.  This is very unusual for him so I knew he was dragging a bit after such a busy day yesterday.

Once he had eaten and woken up we started with Singapore for math.  We are nearly done with the 1B book.  I would say about 3/4 of the way, maybe more, through it.  He enjoys it and likes that it is “easy”.  I like that it gives him a good bunch of practice even with new concepts and that there are “reviews” every few lessons.

History was more from the puzzle book.  He seems to like it though it isn’t terribly in depth.  I think it is a good addition to the regular history lessons that we have been having.

Science was learning about how to draw trees.  As I have discussed before, BK isn’t really a budding artist but he tried his hand at it and the picture is featured below under the fly trap photo.

Reading is another chapter of Poppy, which admittedly we haven’t gotten to yet since it is not quite noon here (the kids are outside playing).  It is coming up though!  I can’t wait to see what happens on her adventure to New House.

This afternoon I am going to have the kids watch the second episode on the last disk of Nature’s Most Amazing Events.  Today will be about the Great Flood.  I love the shots they get on that documentary and the kids learn a lot about far away places and about nature.

photo (21) photo (23)

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