Double Day

Today we tried something we haven’t ever done before.  I was fully prepared for it not to happen but I wanted to try it anyway.

We squished two days worth of work into one day.  We were “behind” since we took Wednesday off and day 5 of this week was a light day anyway so I figured maybe we could just get it all done today.

It actually worked remarkably well.  Big Kid didn’t get overworked, neither did I other than needing to read a LOT from Poppy.

Math was Fred, just one chapter.  That is something I didn’t double up on today.  He enjoyed it and read it aloud to Little Kid.

Science was a chapter in Tarantula that BK read to himself quietly.  He really enjoyed it and it was a great practice for him to keep reading to himself.

For history we finished The 5,000 Year Old Puzzle.  It was a good book that had a lot of interesting information.  It wasn’t terribly “heavy” though so that was nice.  It was history without feeling like it.

Poppy was awesome.  I read them three chapters from it and we learned something VERY important.  Mr. Ocax is a LIAR!  BK was more than pleased to point that out to me once we learned that porcupines don’t eat mice.  It is a really, really fun book.  I enjoy it a lot and so do the kids.  I couldn’t be more pleased with Build Your Library for including it as I am not sure we would have found it on our own.

We also did some copy work today.  I thought about doing the usual questions for Poppy to combine reading with handwriting but since there was over 20 pages of the book to read I figured that would be enough.  Below is a quick photo of BK’s copy work.  His handwriting isn’t perfect but it is much improved from the start of our homeschooling.

photo (26)

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