Week 19!

I can’t believe it! I counted and today started week 19!  It feels like this is just how it has been forever.  Homeschooling feels completely natural and fits in so well.  It makes me heart happy and my Big Kid happy too.

Today we started with history.  I read to the kids from Story of the World about the Phoenicians.  We learned a bunch of neat things like how they boiled snails to get purple dye.

Math was a few pages from Singapore.  Pictured below is one of the issues I have with Singapore and BK, though more BK.  He is a scatterbrained child sometimes and while he does really well with math he tends to just skip over things without noticing.  In this batch of I think 5 pages worth of exercises he had accidentally skipped over 3 different sections.  This is why I check his work every day when we use this book.  When he goes to answer them he gets them correct, he isn’t avoiding them because he doesn’t know the answer, he is just a bit of a space cadet!

Science was another chapter in Tarantula.  It wasn’t a terribly exciting chapter but it was read anyway.  I also had BK draw me a picture of the rat I am watching (I run a small pet sitting service) so that is posted below as well.  We talked about her rounded ears, her 5 toes on each foot, and her long, thin tail.

We did copy work today as well.  It was an exceptionally long sentence so I only had him write it once.  I am not sure how many times typical homeschooling families have their kids write copy work but I base it on the length of what is being written and how good the handwriting is vs what I know he is capable of.

Reading was another chapter in Poppy.  The kids listened silently as I read and found it very exciting Poppy started out on her journey to New House today and we get to read more about it tomorrow.  I also had BK pick out two words from the reading and look them up in the giant dictionary that we got.  I find it very important that he knows how to use reference books (vs just the internet) so this was a skill I knew I would have to start early since he is typically so computer-oriented.

We had piano lessons this afternoon too so it was a busy, but good, day!

photo (37)


photo (41)

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