Mad Libs

I am not going to lie.  Today was a rough day.  It was a dreary, bleak, rainy February day and I was stuck indoors (no good way to do outside time when it is 36 and raining) with two kids that were, at best, not being good listeners.  Despite the challenges we made it through the day and the kids are now in bed where I hope they manage to stay for the next 12 hours.  Hopefully a bit of sleep will help them be a bit more kind tomorrow.

Math was Singapore.  It went fine though BK was up and around and bouncing off the walls the whole time.  He had to do over a few problems too because he made silly mistakes like 5+6 = 10.  He knows that isn’t right but somehow it got written down.

Science was a drawing of a tree and the life that it supports in the winter.  He learned that birds, squirrels, owls, chipmunks, and many other birds depend on trees for housing and food.

History was a bit from Story of the World.  BK seemed interested in it and listened the whole time.  One of the few times he managed to sit still quietly for the whole day.

We also read two more chapters from Poppy.  We are nearly at the end of the book with just two more days left in the week.  I am excited to see how it ends and it is fun to see the kids learn how to think about the books they are listening to.  Why isn’t that owl on the barn moving?  Why is Mr. Ocax lying?  Why doesn’t the cat care about Poppy talking to him?

After Poppy, since I knew BK couldn’t manage to hold still to write down answers to questions, I took out my new purchase. Mad Libs.  I did Mad Libs a few times when I was a kid and thought they were okay but nothing awesome but I decided to get a book for the kids to work on parts of speech and I am glad I did.  BK found the story HILARIOUS when I read it back to him.  He did pretty well at picking the words too given that he is still pretty new to parts of speech.

After rest time we also watched the second episode of Amazing Race *and* an episode of Survivorman.  I was looking for any way I could get a little bit of down time today so I took that chance to watch a couple of good shows that they learn quite a bit from.

In the end we all survived and tomorrow is a new day.

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14 Responses to Mad Libs

  1. JenRay says:

    I’ve recently started following your blog – I’ve been looking into “Build Your Library” and was looking for reviews, so I thought I would follow along with you to see it “in action.” I thought I would commiserate today. It was a tough day here too! My DH is out of town this week, and I think *I* need to get about 12 hours of sleep – maybe that would improve things! ;o) Keep up the good work mama – here is to a better day tomorrow!

    • It isn’t ever fun to have rough days! Welcome and thanks for following along! What grade are you considering using?

      • JenRay says:

        I am considering Second grade. My oldest turns 6 in May, and would technically be a first grader next year. She is bright, and reading well above grade level though. We have been doing Ancient History (with History Odyssey) and Life Science (R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey) this year. I am actually quite happy with those, and planned to use them again next year. But we haven’t really been doing any Literature. I like the way BYL seems to tie everything together, yet still be flexible. I think I would still continue with our current math and spelling programs. I am reading The Writer’s Jungle right now, and find it very inspiring, and it *seems* like it will fit in nicely with BYL too.(It is more of a philosophy than curriculum.) Glad to hear you are happy with it! And you feel like it is deep/thorough enough?
        I also have a 3.5 year old along for the ride, learning the Egyptian gods along with letters/sounds!

      • Is there a reason you are skipping the 1st grade one? My son is a great reader too but we tend to read the big pieces of literature at lunch time. We all love it. The books in the 1st grade curriculum are awesome. I love them.

        I do feel like it is enough. Indeed. Before we found BYL we tried Moving Beyond the Page and it seemed like all fluff to me. I mean it taught some things but I wanted proper history and good books too…which MBtP didn’t provide.

      • JenRay says:

        It seems like the grade levels are pretty flexible, and probably could be used for any of the early grades. The reason I am thinking of skipping BYL 1st grade is because we are covering ancient history and life science (albeit with other curricula) this year. I like the classical approach to history which covers all of world history in repeating 4-year cycles. Since we will have spent all of this year on Ancients, we will be ready to move on to Middle Ages next year. We just started this 4-year cycle a year early (in K, instead of 1). My long-term plan will have my son starting this cycle with Ancient history in 1st grade, and by then my daughter should be back around to Ancients for her second pass through the cycle at the same time. Does that make sense?
        I do think the literature for 1st grade looks great! So, we just started reading a few chapters of Despereaux every night as a family before bed. After we finish that, I think I will get Poppy. That way we will get to cover some of the Lit, even though we won’t be using the BYL 1st grade curriculum.
        I have considered MBtP off and on, so it is good to hear your take on that too. I appreciate your thoughts on BYL, and think we will go with it for next year. I was wondering about needing to supplement with anything else, but it sounds like it is robust enough that I won’t need to. I’m getting excited to start it – even though it is 6 months away for us! Thanks for your help!

      • No problem! I can understand that reasoning too! Excellent idea to incorporate the reading into the bed time routine.

    • Tiffany says:

      JenRay, we are looking into using Brave Writer’s “The Wand” for an added writing supplement and Beast Academy for math. I have not yet purchased The Writer’s Jungle as of yet. Is it worth it?

      • JenRay says:

        Ooo, is there a Beast Academy for younger than 3rd grade yet? We use RightStart for math, and I am thrilled with it! But BA is intriguing.

        I am still early into Writer’s Jungle – I got sidetracked with some other reading. From what I understand that is the piece of BW to get, though. You may find you don’t need The Wand. All the meat of the philosophy/lifestyle is in TWJ, so I am starting there. Then I will decide if I need other pieces of the program. I’ve heard that both BYL and BW are loosely Charlotte Mason based, so I am hoping they complement each other. I am thinking TWJ will give me ideas to supplement BYL’s copy work, dictation, etc. You can get it through the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op for about $40, which is much more reasonable than the regular price. I recommend following her blog, her Yahoo group, and/or her Facebook page too. You might want to do all that before you drop any money even – it might give you an idea if it “speaks” to you as a philosophy.

      • Tiffany says:

        Sound advice, thanks! BA still only have the 3rd grade curriculum, but they should be coming out with the second grade very soon (before we need it). I am extremely anal retentive about pre-planning 🙂 I was able to look over BA when a friend purchased it for her now third grader, hence the plan on using BA even when we are not quite there yet 😉

        Do you happen to have a link to the Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op?

      • JenRay says:

        I probably should have mentioned that it is for the e-book version.
        You have to sign up for an account at HBC, but that is free. I’ve gotten a few things through them.

      • Tiffany says:

        Thanks so much!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I just found you though looking for Build Your Library reviews. I was hoping to get your current feelings on the curriculum now that you have been using it for quite a while?? Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me. I have twin girls, so homeschooling should be a great adventure for us:)

    • I love it! It is extremely flexible. If want to add things in there is more than enough time in the day to do that and if I want to follow just what is in the curriculum (and add math) it still covers all the bases. I have already bought the 2nd grade set and we are 13 weeks into the 1st grade (we started in October and tried one other curriculum before settling on BYL). I highly recommend it.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Thanks so much! I have been searching far and wide for a curriculum that would fit our style. We are book lovers, so I think this will be a great program for us. I have already found what I think might be a great Math program and BYL seems like it will let me incorporate more books that I know my girls will love and glean quite a bit from.

    Thanks for keeping this blog. It helps greatly to have a first-person account of the program in use. Best wishes for the rest of you HS year!!

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