Pita Bread

Today was much better than yesterday.  A night worth of sleep makes all the difference with little kids.

Math was Life of Fred.  It went well and BK did it entirely on his own, even the questions, because I was trying to get my morning workout done.  I had forgotten I needed to do it until after the kids got up so I was behind.

Science was another chapter of Tarantula and I had BK draw me a picture of what happened.  He drew a picture of a whole bunch of crows that kidnapped Crowbar.  He enjoyed it and it was a very short chapter so he was pleased.

We read more of Poppy today too and BK did some questions for me, including looking up a word in the dictionary.  He chose to look up “stare” and wrote down the definition for me.

History was two difference things.  The first thing was reading.  We read about the first library in the world, filled with clay tablets, which was owned by King Ashurbanipal.  BK thought this was awesome since he enjoys libraries so much.

The other thing we did for history was to make pita bread like the Phoenicians would have made! I got the idea from this book we bought that pairs with Story of the World.  I bought it before I knew we were going to use Build Your Library but it works nicely with that curriculum too as it gives additional ideas for crafts/projects to go along with the book.  Below is the process for the pita bread.  It was super easy to make and the kids loved kneading the dough.  They ate it for lunch and it was REALLY good.  We halved the recipe because I wasn’t sure how it would taste/come out and am sad that I did, it good stuff.

Just finished with kneading

Just finished with kneading


After the rise

After the rise


Freshly baked pita bread! Yum!

Freshly baked pita bread! Yum!




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2 Responses to Pita Bread

  1. Penny says:

    This is awesome! I love the lesson good baking provides for kids but you know me. I love baking.

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