I’ve Been Featured!

Today I was featured on Hip Homeschool Moms blog as the guest blogger!  As a relatively new homeschooler I think this is very exciting and I hope my post helps some families that are on the fence about homeschooling their child(ren).  Being on the HHM blog allowed me to use the nifty little “I’ve been featured” button on my “about me” section too!

Today was also business as usual for school here!  The kids were both excited to see that it is March 1st.  They know it means they are even closer to their birthdays (BK in June and LK in May) so that excites them a lot.  They are also anxious to be able to go play at the park again which can be a challenge in the cold weather of New England.  Honestly I am just as anxious as they are because I can not wait to sit in the sun and read a good book, and my list is LONG by this point.

We started the morning with some Singapore Math.  Today’s work was a little challenging for BK so I had to sit and help him with it, something that hasn’t really needed to happen up until now.  He was working adding three numbers together and regrouping by 10’s.  There were problems like 32+ 10 + 4 and it took a little bit of coaching to get him to understand what the book wanted him to do.  In the end he seemed to get it and didn’t have any trouble.

History was a few pages from Usborne about the Assyrians. BK finds their culture quite interesting.  I love the Usborne book because it has wonderful and colorful pictures to look at in addition to the great text.  It is very engaging.

Science was a pretty basic bit from The Nature Connection. Today we covered landscapes again and BK drew our back yard though it is quite different from the first time he drew it, which of course is part of the reason for repeating it.  I posted the picture below for you to see.

In reading today we finished Poppy.  We all loved that book and I was a little sad to see it end.  I had BK write me four sentences of what his favorite parts of the book were.  I won’t post them though in case anyone hasn’t read the book yet! I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

Tomorrow is the start of the weekend and I am hoping to get another non-homeschool specific post written from the list of things I want to write about (also growing quite long) so be on the look out for that!

A drawing of our backyard with the swing set, a bush, and the snow drawn in orange "Since I am using white paper, " according to BK

A drawing of our backyard with the swing set, a bush, and the snow drawn in orange “Since I am using white paper, ” according to BK

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4 Responses to I’ve Been Featured!

  1. Janis Cox says:

    I saw you featured on Hip Homeschool Moms. Great job.
    Janis http://www.janiscox.com

  2. That is super cool!!!!!!!

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