Another New Book! (and some snake talk)

It is Monday again! I will never understand how the weekend can go by so quickly but it seems to happen every week.

We started the morning with Life of Fred for math.  Big Kid is always more than willing to read the story and see what Fred is up to today, so that is awesome.

I also read BK his history first thing in the morning, before Little Kid even got downstairs.  She was lagging today so BK and I just started when we were ready instead of waiting for her.  The history was about how the Babylonians took over the Assyrian empire, again.  BK found it crazy that the land keeps getting bounced back and forth depending on which group of people was more powerful at the time.

We started a new book today too, since we finished Poppy on Friday.  The new book is Cappyboppy and is about a capybara that is living with a family.  I am having BK read this one to LK this week for a few reasons.  The first reason is because the book has a lot of pictures and both kids really like to really look at the pictures in depth.  The second reason is because it is nice to hear BK read aloud so I can see where he is getting words slightly incorrect so I can correct him.  He never really did phonics because he started reading early and did it pretty much on his own.  He gets things right 98% of the time but having him read aloud gives me a chance to fix where need be.  Today the only word  he didn’t get quite right was “southern”, not too bad considering the word capybara was in there.

In science we read about a boa constrictor eating a rat in Tarantula in My Purse.  Since both that book and Cappyboppy featured a boa eating a rat I decided I would add to the science lesson and find them a youtube video of a boa eating a rat (not super graphic but not for the faint of heart either).  This was particularly interesting to them since we had a rat staying here last week for a client of mine.

Today was also piano lesson day so while BK was doing that I had LK in the kitchen with me and decided it would be a great time to work on her handwriting.  She is very much not into handwriting so I am trying to encourage her to just practice.  She doesn’t like being “wrong” or not doing perfectly (which of course no one is going to be from the start with handwriting) so I am trying to encourage practice. I added the picture below of her practice from today.  Not too bad for a 4 year old if you ask me.

photo (1)

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