Drawing Practice

Evening all!

Today started with a morning workout for me.  It was a short one, which was nice, just a 10 minute high intensity interval session (I promise I will get a blog about this up soon!). While I was doing that the kids ate breakfast and goofed off a little.

Then it was time for some math for BK.  He worked on Singapore.  It took a little more time for him because it was more double digit addition, which he can do well enough, it just takes a bit more focus for him.

After that I had him read Cappyboppy to LK again.  They seem to really like that book a lot so it works for me! It is a short book anyway and I think we finish it within a week.

History today was actually mythology and we read a child version of The Epic of Gilgamesh.  It was a little difficult to follow, even for me, but it was interesting and the kids seemed to enjoy it.  As usual the names took me a minute to sound out, at least as best as I could but it got done!

Science was a bit about how the Earth rotates around the sun and how that creates seasons as well as how the Earth rotates and creates day and night.  I am guessing we will get more into that with the 2n grade curriculum since space and Earth are the two main science topics.  I am rather excited about that.

The other thing we did today, that wasn’t in the “plans”, was to practice drawing. I purchased this drawing book and I also got the one about the ocean. Little Kid took to the  ocean book and Big Kid decided to work on the Egyptian ones.  Below is BK’s attempt at a 3-D pyramid based on how the book said to draw it.  Not completely awesome but a pretty good effort considering some of his other drawings!

photo (2)


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