Today and Balancing it All

Today started with Life of Fred for Big Kid and his math.  It was a pretty quick read and he got the few problems done very quickly.

After that it was time for BK to read LK Cappyboppy.  We aren’t doing too much in depth with that book but it is being read and they seem to enjoy it quite a lot.

For handwriting practice today we did copy work.  I posted it below for you to see.  He was using regular college lined paper so he did pretty well overall.  He liked learning what some of the words in the sentence were as well.

With those covered and with sunshine outside, it was time for the kids to play for a bit.  This counts as “PE” but also is great for getting their extra energy out as well as giving them time to come up all sorts of games and imaginary play.

When they came in I read to them about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and then had BK draw me a picture of what he thought it would look like.  He had a lot of fun drawing it and telling me all about what was what in the drawing.

photo (3)


Now for the slightly more personal bit, my current struggle to balance it all.

For those that don’t know, in addition to homeschooling the kids, trying to keep the house somewhat clean, and taking care of all the meals, I also run a small side business as a pet sitter.

I have loved animals my entire life and my job before I had kids was working at the local Humane Society.  I missed it greatly, despite the fact that I have four of my own cats, and I was looking for a little something “extra” to do before I decided to homeschool BK, so I ended up starting the pet care service.

The work is a lot of fun and I love having the time to decompress and just pet a couple of cats but learning how to balance it all has been a bit of a challenge (at best).  Before I started homeschooling I spent a ridiculous amount of time on facebook and had plenty of time for email lists.  Now that spring has hit I am getting more and more inquiries into my pet care business and I am finding I am emailing people back later that I intend to, taking forever to reply to people on facebook, and just generally being a bit behind.  I have had at least one pet sitting client for the last 3 weeks and sometimes two of them.  I expect this to continue for at least another month or so, but maybe beyond that too.

It is awesome that the business is doing well and that I have so many pleased clients it just means I have to learn to adjust and to cut out other hobbies like reading all the time, knitting, and staying up late watching bad horror movies.  It also means I need to accept that the floors won’t always be clean and that sometimes LK may have to borrow a pair of BKs PJs for bedtime.

So when I am late for blog posts or generally seeming rather scattered, it is probably because I am 😉

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