Odd Day

As the title suggests, today was a very strange day!

I set up Big Kid to do math (Singapore today) and set up Little Kid to watch a little Disney Junior while I showered.  When I got out of the shower I couldn’t hear the TV, which was very odd.  All I heard was BK talking.  Eventually I heard “Capy” and knew he was reading Capyboppy.

Once he was done reading that to LK he decided he wanted to read history too so he got up and got the Usborne book that was marked off with what pages to go over.  Today was learning about the city of Babylon which BK really enjoyed.

Much to my surprise as soon as THAT was done he went and grabbed Tarantula and read that too, though it was a super short chapter.

For handwriting I had him use the story cubes and write a little story using them.  That is pictured below.  I am unsure about who “they” are but I was just glad to see decent handwriting.  All the spelling is his own as well, he never asked for help with that either.

So for school today all I had to do was explain the math, check the math, and let him know what to do for handwriting.  He was done by 10:30am and completely self-motivated the entire time.  He is usually good about doing what needs to be done but normally isn’t quite so willing to get it all done ASAP.

Now we are sitting watching Iron Men on Mankind the Story of All of Us.  It is rather violent though not bloody, if you are considering letting your kids watch it.  I think it is a great little show that tells them about different cultures through history and they recognize ones we have already talked about as well.  I think it helps them retain the information.  As far as the violence, it is pretty much how history is so I expected that.  Ancient cultures weren’t exactly peaceful in the long run.

photo (4)

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