Another Day and Plans for Next Week

Today was a pretty easy day overall.

We started with Life of Fred for math.  It went well enough but Big Kid was tired from being up a little late last night so he had a mini-meltdown.  He eventually recovered and it was fine after that.

There wasn’t any history on the plans for today but I did take out a coloring page from the Story of the World activity book for BK to color.  It is pictured below.  I giggled a bit when I was reading the suggestions for chapter 17 because it said for parents to look at the picture first before deciding if their child should color it or not.  As you can see it isn’t exactly a horrible picture.  It is just a picture of a guy fighting a dragon.  I suppose in some households a drawing like that would be frowned upon but considering we watched Jaws last weekend and we are planning on watching Jurassic Park tonight for the millionth time, that isn’t a worry here.

For reading BK finished reading Capyboppy for both himself and little kid.  He was chattering away about the book when it was done so I suppose that means he liked it a lot, or at the very least had a lot to say about it!

Science was just a little blurb about how the sunsets at different times and it changes every day.  BK already knew this because I keep a sunset calendar on the fridge as a means of coping with the long, dark winters we get in Northern New England.

The plans for next week are still up in the air a bit.  We will see how it all plays out.  In my state we have to send in a plan of what we intend to cover during the year.  Being my first year I put a few things in there that ended up not being in our curriculum so I need to take some time to cover them and I am planning on doing that next week.

Some of the things we are meant to cover that I wouldn’t have gotten to with our normal (and awesome) curriculum are: state symbols (bird/flower/etc), nutrition/vitamins/minerals, and holidays (in particular Easter). I have ordered a few books to use for these purposes but I haven’t gotten my hands on them yet, they are coming today via Amazon.  I hope to look through them this weekend and see which I want to use when.  Finding books about nutrition for kids was REALLY easy but finding one that talked about all sides of Easter was extremely difficult.  I think I found one though. More on this to come next week!

photo (5)


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2 Responses to Another Day and Plans for Next Week

  1. Pennie says:

    Hi! I saw your website on the hs yahoo group, so decided to click over! Are you having any luck with LOF? Right now my daughter is still enrolled in her online school, but we are withdrawing her. She struggles with math, but loves to read, so I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the LOF series. I’ll be bookmarking your site, I love your ideas!

    • We love Fred! Big Kid loves to read (but likes math too) so it is a lovely balance. I don’t think I would consider it a complete math program, at least not at the elementary levels, but it is a great supplement and he learns a lot of things that don’t have to do with math along the way as well.

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