Ugh. Time Change.

Today was the first real day of feeling the effects of daylight savings time.  Both Big Kid and I were suffering pretty badly.  He was cranky and unwilling to do much and I was very short tempered after an awful night of sleep.  We powered through it though and got done what I wanted to accomplish, though it took a lot longer than I had planned on.

First we worked on math, even this week with the different schedule, I wanted to keep math in the mornings.  We are nearing the end of the 1B Singapore book.  Today was more work on double digit subtraction.  This takes a little more effort for BK but he gets it done.  He will need more practice I think so I might set him up with some Khan Academy some afternoon this week.

After that I read the kids Oh The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You.  It was a decent introduction to the concept of nutrition though it did have the outdated food pyramid in there.  Not a huge deal though in my opinion.

Then I had BK draw a few eggs and color them like Easter Eggs on the cover of this book which I read half of to them at lunch.  The book is heavily Christian based, which is normal since it is about Easter, but it talks about different customs around the world so it is nice to see at least a little variety.

We also watched yesterday’s episode of Amazing Race this afternoon.  That was fun and the kids loved seeing the monkeys that were on it.

I spent a lot of last night and a good part of today gathering up items to put together an end of the year assessment for the state.  One option for end of year here is a portfolio so I have been gathering up work and picking what I want to show the state from the six areas they want information about.  It is an interesting process and required getting some photos printed, which is luckily quite easy for me.  I am still  not quite sure how I am going to compile it all up but I am hoping once it is all together I will be struck by a moment of brilliance or something.  Again, part of the reason for this week being off from normal curriculum is so I can cover things I told the state I would cover.  I am hoping to have the portfolio completed and ready to send in by early April.  We will see if it happens!

photo (8)

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