More Nutrition

Today was another day of covering things I told the state I would cover.  It wasn’t bad it just wasn’t all that thrilling.  I miss the Build Your Library curriculum not only because I love the stories and such but also because the “work” is done for me.  I know what we are covering and how much to read etc.  I am lazy, I can’t help it, it is part of who I am.  So the idea of having to plan out my own stuff to fulfill this state requirement is less than ideal.

For more nutrition we read Good Enough to Eat. I thought it was an excellent kid friendly book about foods and nutrients.  There was an emphasis on fresh foods but it also talked about sweets and candy in a non-negative way.  I had Big Kid answer four quick questions about what we had read to “show” the state that we covered it.  Later this afternoon he asked to read it again so I let him have at it.

For Easter we read more from the same book we read yesterday.

I also talked about our state symbols with BK and I had him color in our state emblem.  This was another thing I said we would cover as part of our state’s history.  He got a little creative with magenta cows.  I found it amusing, hopefully the state does as well.

This morning we did math as well.  We covered more Singapore.  BK was having a little trouble understanding how to subtract double digits when the top digit is lower than the bottom (ex 42 – 9 ).  A lot of places have manipulative that you buy, typically base 10 blocks etc that are anywhere from $30-$60+ a set.  I decided we don’t need anything fancy like that and busted out the popsicle sticks (10’s) and beads (1’s).  It is pictured below.  I showed him how when you cross out the 4 and turn it into a 3 how that plays out as “trading in” a popsicle stick for 10 beads.  I saw the lightbulb go off so I know he understands it and he used it for the rest of the math lesson as well.  It was good to have the visual example for him and it was completely free since we had the items anyway, which is good for me.

photo (9)

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