Gathering up my Portfolio

I spent a good portion of today figuring out how I wanted to present my end of the year portfolio to the state and what I wanted to put in it.  It took a little time but it got done.  Now I think it is mostly ready to be sent into the state after I have another look over my narrative.

Math today was working with money in Singapore.  It was easy enough and BK liked it quite a lot.

We finished the book on Easter during lunch time.  They thought the customs in Germany were closest to how we do things in our own family, I am inclined to agree with them.

We also started a new book about food and nutrition, The Monster Health Book.  BK read it aloud for LK and they talked about it a bit.

Overall it was a pretty uneventful day since I was busy with the portfolio and making a nice healthy dinner for the family a good portion of the time!

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