Pi Day

Today we started off with some math, as per usual!  Today’s work was a few reviews on the material we have covered already a bit more on money.  Big Kid had no trouble with it as I expected.  So far Singapore has gone pretty well with him but I keep thinking about  trying another program to see how it goes. I can’t make up my mind!

Big Kid read more of the Monster Book of Health for Kids.  He liked reading it and spent a bunch of time looking over the book even after he had read what he was supposed to.

Today, being March 14th, was of course Pi Day!  We talked about what pi is and why it is important.  We measured a few circles so I could explain it well enough for them.  They thought it was neat but were much more excited about making the pie filling for our chocolate pudding pie..and later eating the pie.  I posted the picture below of our mini-chocolate pudding pies.  They were a huge hit and ridiculously easy to put together.

I also put the portfolio and next years paperwork in the mailbox tonight for homeschooling!  The assessment portfolio took a little while to put together but wasn’t too bad. Hopefully it is “good enough” for the state.  There is a chance I will need to provide more information but we will see.

photo (10)

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2 Responses to Pi Day

  1. Barbara says:

    Best of luck with the portfolio. Sounds like you did a great job!

    • Thanks! I hope it is accepted well! I had a friend that homeschools in NY look it over and she said it was more information than she would give so I may have over done it? We will see!

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