I am behind.  I didn’t post Friday.  I meant to but it just didn’t happen.

Friday was a pretty mellow day and we finished a few things.  Singapore 1B is now completely finished by Big Kid.  We have 2A but I am not sure we will start it yet.  I think we will focus on finishing up the Fred books we have (just part of Cats and then Dogs left here right now).  He has a good grasp on the stuff he is “supposed” to know already so I think we are in good shape.

Friday we also finished the Monster Health book.

Now I am staring down another week and trying to decide if we should continue or if we should take a week off.  I am tempted to take a week off since we are still in a good spot with the Build Your Library curriculum. I don’t like to stop when we are in the middle of a literature book etc.  Then again we could just continue and then take a longer break when I hear back from the state about the portfolio…which was delivered yesterday but won’t be looked at for another week or so most likely.

I guess I will see what tomorrow brings and go from there!

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