Decided to Keep Going

I did indeed.  We got up this morning and I decided we would keep going with the curriculum instead of taking a week off.  I will save a week or so off until I hear back from the state about our portfolio, as a bit of celebration (hopefully!).

We started out with Life of Fred for math.  Today’s work included writing out five-hundred and seventy million in numerals.  It was a big deal and Big Kid did well with it, though he did have to look back at his previous work to remember how many zeros “million” has in it.

History was a bit from Story of the World about Crete and the Minoans.  It was pretty neat to read about bull jumping and I had BK color a picture from the activity book about bull jumping.  He got creative with it, as you can see below.

Science was more from Tarantula.  BK read it aloud to LK, per her request.  He wasn’t going to read it aloud but she REALLY wanted to hear it as well, so he did it for her.

Handwriting was a bit of copy work since BK had piano lessons at 1pm, right after lunch.  It doesn’t leave a lot of time to answer questions about the book we are reading so I opted for the copy work instead.

Today we started a new literature book Tales from the Odyssey Part 1.  It was great and we learned about the Trojan horse. I think it will be a great book.

photo (11)

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