More Snow!

Today was a big snow storm.  We have only gotten about 4 inches here but all the public schools were canceled.  We stayed in session because we had plenty of time to get school done and still play outside for hours on end!

We started with math, Life of Fred.  In addition to math related activities, there was also talk of prepositions.  This is part of why we love Fred so much because we learn all sorts of things completely unrelated to what we are “supposed” to be studying.

In history we learned about a Minotaur that was kept in the middle of an underground maze, which is part of Greek mythology.  It was a pretty neat story and Big Kid loved it.  I also had him do a maze from the activity book where the Minotaur was in the middle.

In reading I read the kids more of Tales from the Odyssey.  It is turning out to be a pretty fun story with lots of adventure.  The kids pretty much sit silently while I read it to them, which is always nice.

Science was a bit more about the coming of spring and how people in ancient times were fearful of the shortening days and would celebrate when the sun came back.  It is quite fitting since tomorrow is the first day of Spring.  Stonehenge was mentioned as well and we spent a few minutes looking at pictures of it.  They were pretty excited that Dada had seen it about 10 years ago on a trip to England/Scotland.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

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