Today we started with Life of Fred followed promptly by outside time for Big Kid and I while we cleaned up after the snow.  It was a lovely sunny morning so it was great to get some fresh air.

History was a short bit from Story of the World about the disappearance of the Minoans. We were supposed to watch a documentary as well but I didn’t think to look ahead and it wasn’t on netflix so we might watch it later on if I can get hold of it.

For science BK read about how buds change in the spring time and he read some of Backyard Homestead as well.  He really likes that book, quite a lot.

Reading was more of Tales from the Odyssey.  It is a great book but Little Kid is a bit scared of it.  There were some pretty intense pieces where a one eyed giant is eating people, and another scene where the giant is getting his eye poked out by a hot, sharp stick, so I am not surprised that she was a bit concerned about it.  BK doesn’t mind at all, he is my little fan of scary things, like myself.  Little Kid though, she is a bit more sensitive to it.  She trucked through though and kept listening.  We are excited to see how the Greeks get past the giant during our reading tomorrow.

After the reading I had BK draw me a picture of what he thought the one-eyed giant looked like.  It is pictured below!

photo (12)

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