Box Turtle

We covered Life of Fred today for math.  We finally started to discuss how the US (and 3 or 4 other countries) use inches and feet while the rest of the normal world (there is seriously a HUGE long list of countries in the LoF book) uses centimeters and meters.  Big Kid didn’t understand why everyone else does something different.  I told him honestly I wasn’t sure why but it didn’t make a lot of sense to me either.

In history we read a bit from the Usborne book about the Minoans.  That book is great because of the drawings/pictures which is something you don’t get at all from Story of the World so it is nice to have both to balance it out a bit.  Plus BK, like most kids, really likes pictures.

Reading was more from Tales from the Odyssey.  Today’s reading was a little more mellow than yesterdays so that was nice.  Little Kid did much better with it.

Science was a short chapter from Tarantula.  This chapter was about a box turtle so I had BK draw me a picture of what he thought a box turtle might look like (pictured below) and then we looked at a few actual pictures of them.

In all it was a good day and we were done pretty early.  The kids got nearly 2 hours of outside time this morning and then spent the afternoon staring in awe at our new fridge.

photo (13)

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